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Brian Mitchell Newport Beach

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Brian Mitchell Newport Beach

Brian Christopher Mitchell is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and the Founder of NorthStar Equities. With an impressive career spanning two decades, Brian has excelled in scaling companies and creating job opportunities across diverse sectors in the United States.

As the Founder and CEO of NorthStar Equities, Inc., Brian Mitchell leads a prominent single family office that specializes in real estate and early-stage investments in aerospace, defense, construction, and technology. His strategic guidance has played a pivotal role in establishing NorthStar Equities as a prominent presence in the investment landscape, leveraging lucrative growth opportunities.

Brian Mitchell’s contributions extend beyond NorthStar Equities. He is widely recognized as the co-founder and former CEO of Shryne Group, Inc., the driving force behind the immensely popular cannabis brand, Stiiizy. Through his visionary leadership, Brian has redefined industry standards and achieved unprecedented success.

In addition to his professional achievements, Brian Mitchell Newport Beach is a devoted father and an active member of the Newport Beach community. He treasures quality time spent with his children, actively coaches sports, and seeks out thrilling adventures. His passion for golfing, skiing, and water sports invigorates his zest for life.

Brian Christopher Mitchell embodies a unique blend of entrepreneurial prowess, investment acumen, and unwavering dedication to both family and personal growth. His commitment to excellence and innovative thinking continues to make a significant impact in the business landscape and beyond.

To learn more about Brian Christopher Mitchell and the inspiring journey of NorthStar Equities, please visit www.brianchristophermitchell.com and northstarequities.co.

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