Unlocking Potential is Essential for Improving Business, says Brandon Frere

Unlocking Potential is Essential for Improving Business, says Brandon Frere

Small businesses can have great potential. Focusing on that potential is important in following a business roadmap, but it can be tricky to turn that potential into results. That goes for business performance, business tools, and employee performance. Brandon Frere, of Frere Enterprises, is a servant leader and strives to help unlock the potential of those around him.

“Potential is a moving target, but one of my greatest goals is to unlock my own and help others work to unlock theirs,” said Brandon Frere. “When the goal is unlocking the potential of a business, I often turn to myself and my associates. Together we can make a business far greater than I alone can.”

How does one unlock potential? Frere explained his philosophy of opportunity in which he creates opportunities that might lead to success. He encourages creativity and innovation. He seeks input on business process and company culture and listens to what those around him have to say. He strives to challenge his teams to meet goals that benefit themselves and their company’s.

Such an approach can encourage Team Members to intellectually invest in the company and put forward ideas for improvements. Team Membersworking directly with clients have a unique perspective and can provide feedback about what potential changes might help clients the most. Others working more behind the scenes may have similar suggestions for streamlining processes and other changes.

“The success of a company has a lot to do with, mostly to do with, the Team Members,” said Frere. “A company cannot possibly thrive if its workers are not thriving. That’s one reason why I pay so much attention to the people around me and how they are doing with their goals. If I can help them unlock their potential, maybe they can help withchanging the world for the better.”


Brandon Frere is an investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and technology enthusiast who lives in Sonoma County, California. He has designed and created multiple companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of businesses and for their clients alike. His company website, www.FrereEnterprises.com, is used as a means to communicate many of the lessons, fundamentals, technology strategy’s, and information he has learned throughout his extensive business and personal endeavors.

As personally experienced during his own trials and tribulations throughout his business career, Mr. Frere found out how difficult it can be to build and scale an organization that is stuck using draconian systems, processes, and procedures. Its through these lessons that Frere Enterprises was born.

Through his deep knowledge of operations, finance, sales and marketing – Brandon Frere has gained an insider’s look into why digital transformation for every business is key to their long term success. With his knowledge of key business development strategy, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence implementation he has learned how to help company’s differentiate themselves from their competitors. Through his personal website he shares many of the experiences that have taken him to where he is today, his know-how, and why his goal now is to guide organizations successfully through the transition into the digital age.

You can learn more about Brandon Frere at www.BrandonFrere.com



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